学生 & Spiritual Life

学生 & Spiritual Life

学生 & Spiritual Life is the gateway to a wide variety of services, opportunities, and information offered to students across campus. Out-of-classroom activities complement, 支持, and integrate with in-class learning to promote Christian student development.

学生 & Spiritual Life is under the direction of the vice president for 学生 & Spiritual Life and dean of students and is comprised of a number of specific departments with specialized responsibilities. Our goal is to enhance the quality of 学生 & Spiritual Life, build community, and help students meet the challenges of their college experience and their intellectual, spiritual, and personal development. 

If you are concerned for the health or safety of a friend or classmate, or witness concerning behavior and/or incidents, please fill out the 护理 & 关注 form. The appropriate offices on campus will be notified to provide 支持 and resources. All reports are private and covered under FERPA.

护理 & 关注 Report Form

学生 Handbook

The 学生 Handbook helps you become familiar with the resources and opportunities available to students, as well as the policies that govern student privileges and responsibilities as members of the PUC community.

PUC 学生 Handbook

The handbook that all students should read and abide by.


PUC has official procedures for individuals or groups to file grievances if they believe they have been or are being treated in an unjust or unethical manner, or who believe they have been discriminated against because of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, 性别, 年龄, religious belief, sexual orientation, and disability. If informal attempts to settle the issue with faculty members or work supervisors are not sufficient, the formal grievance process can be followed. 学生s submit grievances to the appropriate teacher, work supervisor, or residence hall, who then submit them to the next higher administrator. For more information on specific types of grievances and the guidelines for writing and submitting grievances, download the student handbook.

Grievance Policy and Procedures

Campus Communication

学生 & Spiritual Life coordinates student methods of campus information communication. The office stamps approved posters to be posted on campus and also oversees the Big Screen in the Dining Commons, announce@hahnundhahnfriseure.com e-mails, and ext. 5152 voicemail announcements.

General 学生 Life

文档 信息
Outside organization request to use PUC facilities.
Learn how to make a request to reduce the standard minimum board (cafe charge).

Policies and Procedures

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